2016 The Year in Review

Deutsche Bank Stares into the Abyss

Deutsche Bank – John Cryan
Deutsche's fortunes zigzagged this year as CEO John Cryan wrestled with past mistakes. Source: DPA

2016 might have been the toughest year for European banks since the 2008 financial crisis, and few banks had more of a roller-coaster ride than Deutsche Bank and new CEO John Cryan. The largest bank in Germany, in the process of cutting a tenth of its workforce and plagued by unsettled billion-euro lawsuits, watched its share price plummet to a record low of less than €10 this summer, sparking speculation of a bailout. Shares bounced back slightly by the end of year on hopes client Donald Trump may bring deregulation and a sympathetic ear. Whether Deutsche Bank can regain investor confidence will determine whether the bank can began its long, slow climb back to respectability.

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