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Farewell Tour

The Dismal End of the Obama Era

As Barack Obama’s presidency comes to an end amid triumph of nationalism, he will figuratively pass on the baton as the leader of the free world to Chancellor Angela Merkel during this week's trip to Germany.

Rising Yields

The Bond Bull Market Crashes to a Close

The Trump victory has triggered a sea change in bond markets, pushing up yields. That's increasing pressure on highly indebted euro-zone countries like Italy.

Businesses in Germany

The Two Sides of the Trump Effect

German industry could benefit in the short-term from a Donald Trump presidency, says Dirk Heilmann, but the medium-term is less clear.

Employers Conference

Business Federation Hopeful on Trump and TTIP

In a wide-ranging interview, Ingo Kramer, president of the federation of German employers' associations, discusses the rise of populism, Donald Trump's trade policy, and the dangers of a leftist coalition in Germany.

donald trump

Wall Street’s New Darling

Many blue-collar workers voted for Donald Trump and against the establishment but it is big investors and bankers who are likely to profit from his economic policies.

Trump Threat

The New Wild West

The West is one of the U.S.' "finest achievements" and it would be a catastrophe if Donald Trump's controversial policies were to thwart it. Westerners must stand together, argues former E.U. commissioner Chris Patten.

Trump's Agenda

A President Without a Plan

Donald Trump campaigned as a revolutionary but he is likely to choose billionaires and bankers to run his government.

Trump's Victory

A Wake-Up Call for Europe

Clemens Fuest, president of the Ifo institute, argues that Europe needs to get over its shock at Donald Trump’s victory and face up to the political and economic changes coming up.

German Electorate

The Forgotten Voters

Germany's big mainstream parties must take the concerns of the population seriously. Otherwise there is a danger of what happened in America taking place here too.

Long-Time Observer

‘Painful Crash’ Awaits Trump

New York reporter Aaron Elstein first interviewed Donald Trump 20 years ago, and says he's hardly changed since then. The Republican candidate is a failure as a businessman – but still manages to garner respect.

international response

Europe, Alone in Trump’s World

Europe will have to fall back on its own resources and forge alliances in order to survive in the new world under Trump, writes the director of the European Council on Foreign Relations.

Exclusive Interview

China Would Prefer Trump as President

The eminent historian Niall Ferguson argues that whoever wins the U.S. election, America will still play a major global role. And despite his anti-foreigner rhetoric, Donald Trump is remarkably popular in pockets abroad.

Asset Diversification

A Trump-Proof Portfolio

After the Brexit referendum's outcome took them by surprise, many investors had prepared themselves for the U.S. election. Donald Trump didn't catch all of them off guard.

McCann's top man, Harris Diamond. Source: PR

McCann Interview

‘Trump Harms America’s Image’

Harris Diamond, boss of advertising titan McCann, spoke to Handelsblatt about his company's better-than-expected global growth in 2015 - and what marketing people can learn from Donald Trump.

trump putin source ap

Nina Khruscheva

A Trump Warning From a Khrushchev

The granddaughter of former Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev, a naturalized American, sees dangerous parallels between the rise of Donald Trump and Vladmir Putin. Republicans need to rise up before it's too late, she says.