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With Daimler Getting Into the U.S. Van Market, VW Should Bring Back the Eurovan

The Eurovan has room up top for 1-2 people, plus the back seats fold down to accommodate an additional two.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    The van market is very competitive and margins are low. Daimler is now getting into this market both in Europe and the Americas with a lower priced version of its Vito van. The market to date has been dominated by Ford and Volkswagen.

  • Facts


    • Daimler’s new Vito model will be priced 5 percent lower than current models.
    • Volkswagen had produced its Eurovan in Germany and exported it to the United States, but terminated that in 2003.
    • The van market is extremely competitive, with low profit margins, and is getting more so.
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So now Daimler is crowding into the van market with its new midsize Vito to be sold in Europe and North and South America, with prices starting just below €18,000 ($24,000).

Daimler, hardly a household name in the van sector, is poised to make further inroads in a segment dominated by its chief German rival: Volkswagen.

So what should VW do?

Start selling Eurovans again in the U.S. market, the world’s largest for vans and pickups.


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