Future Uncertain

Warning: Construction Ahead

Everyone is looking for the new CEO.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    The search for a new chairperson is paralyzing engineering and construction firm Bilfinger where employees are anxious and organizational changes are needed.

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    • Hochtief, a construction conglomerate which had a revenue of €25,693 in 2013, is a competitor of Bilfinger.
    • The current chairman at Bilfinger is Herbert Bodner but his short period in the job means little is likely to change at the firm until a successor is found.
    • Bilfinger is in the middle of a change into an industrial services company which has higher margins than construction.
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For Herbert Bodner, Bilfinger’s interim chairman, the vote of confidence came just when he needed it.

On Monday, Cevian increased its shares in Bilfinger, an engineering and services group, from 20.2 to more than 25 percent.

Cevian, a Swedish investment firm, seems to believe in Bilfinger despite its battered image – and also in Mr. Bodner. Cevian’s support is rare, unfortunately for Mr. Bodner, who is leading the executive board until a replacement can be found.

Most investors are abandoning the company and Bilfinger’s share price has fallen from 61 to €50 since August 4. That was the day the supervisory board announced that changes had been made at the top.

Former politician Roland Koch had to step down after three years leading the executive board, and his predecessor, Mr. Bodner, switched for one year from the supervisory board to the executive board.

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