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Lower Saxony Premier: We Are a Dependable Partner for VW

  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    As premier of the federal state of Lower Saxony, Stephan Weil is an influential voice on VW’s non-executive supervisory board.

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    • Mr. Weil has dismissed allegations that he knew about diesel emissions manipulation in early 2015.
    • The federal state of Lower Saxony owns a 20-percent stake in Volkswagen.
    • Mr. Weil supports placing a cap on executive compensation at VW.
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76099217 Ministerpräsident Weil bei Abgas-Untersuchungsausschuss
Stephan Weil links Lower Saxony and VW. Source: Bernd von Jutrczenka / DPA

Stephan Weil walks a fine line between the worlds of business and politics. As premier of the federal state of Lower Saxony, he also has a seat on the supervisory board of Volkswagen.

Critics claim that this dual role presents a serious conflict of interest. How can Mr. Weil make unbiased judgments about VW when the state he governs owns a 20-percent stake in the company?

VW, Germany’s largest employer, has its headquarters and its main plant in Wolfsburg, which is located in Mr. Weil’s home state. The center-left Social Democrat, for his part, doesn’t see what the fuss is about. In fact, he believes the two positions go hand in hand.

“Due to the importance of VW for the state, it was always right that my predecessors and now I are engaged in the supervisory board,” Mr. Weil told Handelsblatt in an interview.

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