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Brussels, E.U. Nations, To Fine Volkswagen

  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    The European Commission’s move to impose enforcement action on VW could lead to additional penalties and damages claims against the automaker.

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    • European Justice Commissioner Vera Jourova has threatened VW with enforcement action for violating E.U. consumer regulations and failing to meet consumer demands in the emissions scandal.
    • An enforcement action could serve as the basis for national authorities to impose fines and as a legal foundation for consumers to file lawsuits against the automaker.
    • VW has refused to pay damages to its European customers, arguing that its recall program is sufficient.
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Don't get too friendly: European Justice Commissioner Vera Jourova met with VW boss Matthias Mueller in February to discuss Dieselgate. Source: Getty images

After more than six months of fruitless talks, the European Commission has finally given up trying to convince Volkswagen to cooperate in the diesel emissions scandal.

Taking a page from the U.S. playbook, European Justice Commissioner Vera Jourova is now threatening VW with “enforcement action” unless it meets Brussels’ demands.

Ms. Jourova, in a statement to Handelsblatt, said VW has breached E.U. consumer laws and has failed to deliver on consumer demands for damages despite months of talks.

Consumer agencies from the E.U. member countries are scheduled to meet with Ms. Jourova in Brussels today, where they are expected to officially notify VW that it has violated E.U. law.

“I will support E.U. consumer authorities to bring this to the next level and start joint enforcement action against Volkswagen,” Ms. Jourova said in her statement to Handelsblatt.

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