Volkswagen's Czech Champion

25 Jahre SKODA und Volkswagen: Der SKODA Vorstandsvorsitzende Bernhard Maier betont, dass der Erfolg des Unternehmens in den vergangenen 25 Jahren auf der Kompetenz und Erfahrung aller Mitarbeiter, ihrer Loyalität und ihrem Engagement beruht. Weiterer Text über ots und / Die Verwendung dieses Bildes ist für redaktionelle Zwecke honorarfrei. Veröffentlichung bitte unter Quellenangabe: "obs/Skoda Auto Deutschland GmbH"
Bernhard Maier is celebrating Skoda's birthday.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Skoda, a car once seen as the poor man’s Volkswagen, is now one of the most promising brands the automaker owns, and its profits could help compensate for weak growth in other divisions.

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    • Founded in 1895, Skoda is one of the oldest automakers in the world.
    • Volkswagen bought the Czech automaker in 1991 after the collapse of communism.
    • In 2014, Skoda produced one million vehicles for the first time. The automaker is currently present in 102 countries.
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The story of Skoda is a lesson in the rise, fall and resurgence of a brand.

The Czech car was once a symbol of prestige from Paris to Moscow. But by the time the Iron Curtain fell, it had been run into the ground and was largely forgotten in the West.

But Volkswagen took a gamble on Skoda and bought the Czech automaker in 1991. At the time, it had only one car model in production.

Twenty-five years to the day later and Skoda overtaking Volkswagen’s core brand. It has broken the one-million mark in car production and is now present in 102 countries.

And the automaker’s new chief executive has a strategy to keep the wheels turning. Bernard Maier took the reigns at Skoda during the leadership shakeup that followed Volkswagen’s emissions-rigging scandal.

Mr. Maier’s strategy for 2025 envisions boosting production to 1.5 million cars and breaking into even more markets. South Korea is next on the list.

“Two areas have special meaning for us,” Mr. Maier told Handelsblatt. “First, we’re starting our SUV offensive this year and second we want to be present in 120 markets worldwide by 2025.”

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