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UPS Mulling Move to Dispatch European Rivals

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"Big brown" is on the war path.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    UPS is second in the European express market, but Fedex/TNT is breathing down its neck and retail giant Amazon has been eating into its revenues by moving into the courier business.

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    • UPS has a 25 percent share of the European express delivery market.
    • The firm could launch its freight brokerage system Coyote in Europe to boost its capacities.
    • It has launched a €2 billion investment program for Europe, and its German operation is one of the main beneficiaries.
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U.S. courier giant Fedex has come close to catching up with its rival UPS in the European express delivery market since its acquisition of Dutch firm TNT for €4.4 billion in June.

Fedex/TNT, which has said it is committed to growing its business through the merger, is just three percentage points behind UPS. If the firm delivers that growth, UPS could be relegated to third spot in Europe.

UPS, dubbed “Big Brown” because of its company colors, is currently second in the European international express market with a 25-percent market share, behind Germany-based DHL, a part of mail and logistics giant Deutsche Post.

But it could strike back against the threat from Fedex/TNT by introducing the freight brokerage operations of subsidiary Coyote Logistics, acquired by UPS 12 months ago, into Europe.

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