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Under Armour scores in European markets

Earns Under Armour
The golden touch, in Europe at least. Source: AP

Like many a championship-winning team, US sports apparel firm Under Armour is finding it performs better when playing away from home.

The company credited with developing moisture-wicking clothing had a tough year at home in 2017, with a 5 percent drop in revenue in the final quarter. That was especially hard to swallow as German rival Puma increased its US sales by 6 percent in the same period.

But the silver lining is that Under Armour’s shirts, shorts and sneakers are selling well in Europe and Asia. Fourth-quarter revenues jumped 45 percent in Europe and 55 percent in Asia.

In the important German market, the relatively young brand has a strong reputation and retailers have been showering the company with praise. Kim Roether, the head of Intersport, Germany’s biggest sports retailer, said Under Armour’s product ranges were good and its cooperation was exemplary.

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