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Source: Frank Beer für Handelsblatt
Mr. Hiernonimus knows how to sell luxury.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    The L’Oréal executive says that social networks will require the company’s marketing professionals to think in completely new ways.

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    • L’Oréal’s luxury division is the cosmetics group’s fastest growing segment and accounts for half of its sales today.
    • The company’s approach to acquisitions is to nurture and protect the brands.
    • Small, innovative brands stand to benefit from L’Oréal’s longstanding retail relationships and international marketing expertise.
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Frenchman Nicolas Hieronimus, now 51, joined L’Oréal at the age of 23. He spent 18 years in the company’s consumer products division, during which time he held the positions of general manager of Garnier in Britain and later L’Oréal Paris in France, before creating the international L’Oréal Paris brand that he managed for nearly five years. He remains in charge of the luxury division, the group’s fastest growing segment. Mr. Hieronimus, who has exhibited a talent for uncovering trends, has been touted as a possible successor to Chief Executive Jean-Paul Agon.

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