Self-driving vehicles

Trucks On Autopilot

truck convoy damiler
Daimler demonstrated earlier this year an autonomous driving convoy.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    It will be a long time before self-driving buses and trucks are allowed on the road, but in the meantime, vehicle makers are offering other technologies designed to improve transport efficiency.

  • Facts


    • The IAA Commercial Vehicles fair is being held in Hannover this week.
    • A Roland Berger study suggests computers will not be taking the wheel on a larger scale until about 2030.
    • Until there is real market demand for self driving buses and trucks, it will remain commercially difficult to upgrade large vehicles
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Discussions at the IAA Commercial Vehicles trade show in Hanover usually revolve around horsepower and cargo capacity. But this year’s event is filled with buzz over concepts like connectivity and networking.

The trucks and buses on display, packed with sensors, motherboards and advanced chips, are becoming more like computers on wheels. The suppliers already are jockeying for the pole position in the industry’s race to transport people and cargo without a driver.

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