Trina Solar CEO Declares German Rival Dead

Key Speakers At The Boao Forum For Asia
Goa Jifan, CEO of China’s Trina Solar. Picture Source: Bloomberg

European anti-dumping measures against solar companies are unfair, and have failed in their efforts to keep companies like Germany’s largest solar-panel manufacturer Solarworld afloat, according to Goa Jifan, chief executive of China’s Trina Solar.

“Solarworld is a company with no competitiveness,” Mr. Gao said in an exclusive interview with Handelsblatt. “It has to drop out of the market sooner or later, and it will. You cannot rely on government protectionism or subsidies forever. Solarworld will die, the only question is when. We don’t even care about it anymore.”

Along with other Chinese manufacturers, Trina Solar, the world’s largest maker of solar panels, has taken advantage of economies of scale in Asia to challenge Solarworld’s market position, offering panels on the European market for a cheaper price.

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