After Attacks

Tourism Industry Braces for Slowdown

europa park
Will tourists stay away from German attractions like the Europa Park theme park after a spate of attacks?
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Hotel owners and tour managers have worked hard to make Germany an attractive travel destination for wealthy tourists from the Middle East, China and North America. But recent events may be frightening them away.

  • Facts


    • Visitors from the Netherlands, Switzerland and Italy still make up the bulk of foreign tourists in Germany.
    • But visitors from countries further afield generally spend more.
    • Lufthansa and EasyJet recently lowered their profit forecasts, citing reduced bookings on long-haul routes to Europe because of terrorist attacks and political unrest.
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Europa-Park in southwestern Germany recently held a big parade to celebrate opening a new section of the theme park, devoted to Ireland.

Horses pawed the ground and bagpipers played. And right in the middle of it all, a large Arab family worked its way through the crowd to get nearer to the musicians.

The children pulled excitedly at their parents’ sleeves. Two boys made videos with their mobile phones. Girls in headscarves pointed nervously at a pack of Irish wolfhounds approaching with their handlers.

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