Jochen Schweizer

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  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Jochen Schweizer has managed to create brand recognition from his TV appearances. Now he wants to turn that celebrity into profits with his latest venture.

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    • Jochen Schweizer appeared as a judge and investor on startup TV show, “Lions’ Den.”
    • His Arena outdoor adventure park is due to open on March 4.
    • In 2016 his group saw revenues increase from €85 million to €100 million.
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Jochen Schweizer Holding GmbH MAIN
On top of the world, Jochen Schweizer. Source: Jochen Schweizer Holding GmbH

Jochen Schweizer’s life is still a construction site.

Every day on the way to and from work, the stuntman-turned-entrepreneur visits one of his most spectacular construction projects: the Jochen Schweizer Arena, an adventure park in Munich.

The pool for the surfing wave, a recreation of a similar manmade wave in Munich, has already been lined with concrete. And the 50-meter-high vertical wind tunnel, where visitors can enjoy indoor simulated skydiving in a glass cylinder, is also finished.

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