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The Hunter and the Hunted

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A clash of telecom titans: Deutsche Telekom chief Timotheus Höttges (L) and Vodafone Germany's Hannes Ametsreiter.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    • Amid a bitter price war between Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom, the two giants are fighting each other for the number one spot in the German market.
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    • Vodafone Germany’s boss Hannes Ametsreiter wants to return the company to a top-dog position despite the fact that the company has long failed to invest in infrastructure.
    • Both companies have been punished by declining prices and the abolition of roaming charges.
    • Overall, Deutsche Telekom currently has the extra revenue but Vodafone wins on the key issue of customer numbers.
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At a quarter to eleven on Thursday morning, Deutsche Telekom chief Timotheus Höttges presented his company’s quarterly figures and stressed that he saw no evidence of increased competition in the German telecoms market.

But within less than an hour, his key rival Vodafone sent a clear sign to the contrary. At half past eleven the firm sent out a press release that said it was the only network provider that had managed to boost mobile market share. Its gain of 0.2 percentage points was negligible, but the company trumpeted the rise as evidence of its growing foothold.

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