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The Great Train Robbery

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Bridge over troubled water? Deutsche Bahn is drowning in repair projects.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    The big changes could affect service at Germany’s government-owned rail service, as it reorganizes its engineering department and faces cuts to funding.

  • Facts


    • Deutsche Bahn rail group runs the train service and also maintains 33,000 kilometers of tracks in Germany.
    • The funding contract between the government and the rail service will be renegotiated by the end of the year.
    • When the market for long distance bus travel liberalized in 2012, large numbers of passengers switched to road travel.
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It is all change at Germany’s government-owned rail service.

The rail company is merging its two largest engineering divisions, according to an internal paper seen by Handelsblatt, in a bid to streamline operations as it battles to keep up with decaying train lines and threats from the government to cut its funding.

The restructuring will affect 5,900 people, mostly engineers, architects, planners and construction experts as Deutsche Bahn embarks on an uncertain experiment to bolster what is already one of the largest engineering firms in Europe.

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