BMW Standstill

The Bosch Engine Stutters

main 49994273 source Uwe Anspach DPA – Bosch plant in Abstatt Baden-Wuerttemberg employee car auto suspended wheel brakes
Without the parts, this car isn’t going anywhere. Source: Uwe Anspach / DPA

It’s been a difficult week for Volkmar Denner, chief executive of the world’s largest car parts maker, Bosch. The 60-year old physicist, at the helm since 2012, has been building up Bosch’s expertise in automated and electric-powered vehicles, but the past has caught up with him.

Last week, prosecutors said the car-parts maker may have helped Daimler with alleged fraud and false advertising regarding suspected emissions manipulation of its diesel Mercedes cars. Their investigation came on top of a probe of several Bosch employees suspected of helping Volkswagen rig cars with software to cheat on emissions tests. The carmaker’s Dieselgate scandal affected 11 million diesel cars worldwide.

On Monday, Bosch forced a production standstill at luxury carmaker BMW, one of its key clients, after failing to deliver electric steering gearboxes for the BMW 1-Series through 4-series models. The company blamed an undisclosed Italian supplier for failing to deliver required cast parts.

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