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The Bonus Boom

Porsche employees have been cleaning up this year.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Staff bonuses are rising more quickly than shareholder dividends.

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    • The 30 largest DAX firms distributed almost €30 billion ($33 billion) to stockholders this spring.
    • Lavish staff bonuses have also been awarded in the automotive, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
    • Daimler has increased staff bonuses by 72 percent this year, but dividends by just 9 percent.
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The dividends from German corporations have risen by an average of almost 10 percent this year, with shareholders benefiting from the rapidly increasing profits from the past financial year.

The 30 largest publicly listed corporations on the leading German DAX stock market index distributed almost €30 billion, or $33 billion, to their stockholders this spring, more than ever before.

But those who think the companies are amply rewarding their shareholders and possibly neglecting their most important assets, the workers, would be mistaken. They are also profiting, and often even more so than the shareholders, according to calculations made by Handelsblatt.

But the lavish bonuses are limited mainly to the automotive, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, and only when there is something to distribute.

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