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The Art of the Smart Kitchen

stadelmann stephan sahm for handelsblatt
Peter Stadelmann aims to cook up still more profit.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    With only two categories of devices, commercial kitchen supplier Rational has reinforced the notion that a limited product range can deliver solid profits.

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    • Rational introduced its famous combi-steamer for commercial kitchens in 1976.
    • Led by CEO Peter Stadelmann, Rational has been listed on the MDAX, an index of the 50 leading midsize German companies after the DAX top-30, between 2009 and 2014 and again since August 2016.
    • Rational dominates more than half of the global market for steam ovens with its products.
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The Rational brand is well known among professional chefs, but the commercial kitchen supplier has also made big a name for itself among traders and investors.

Since its stock market launch in 2000, Rational’s shares have soared. On August 11, the company regained its place in the MDAX, Germany’s index of 50 leading companies after the DAX top-30.

“We do anything for our customers: the many people who work in commercial kitchens all over the world,” Chief Executive Peter Stadelmann told Handelsblatt. “We have an edge, because 40 years ago, our founder Siegfried Meister invented Rational combi-steamer technology, which combines hot air and steam in one device.”

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