Paris Motor Show

Tesla Followers on Parade

Autosalon Paris – Erster Pressetag
Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche in his new look at the Paris Motor Show.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    A number of carmakers have jumped on the electric car bandwagon, announcing new projects at the Paris Motor Show.

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    • Daimler said it would be launching a new e-car brand and pledged to be leading the sector by 2025.
    • Volkswagen, BMW and Opel all have their own new e-car agendas as well.
    • At the moment, only the California startup Tesla produces premium e-cars.
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Dieter Zetsche has already completed the personal transformation to go along with Daimler’s new image.

The chief executive’s arrival on stage at the Paris Motor Show was decidedly casual, complete with washed denim and brown sneakers. He spoke about networking, car sharing and digital transformation. And then he got down to business: “We are launching a completely new brand for our e-cars,” Mr. Zetsche said. By 2025, “we will be the leading producer of e-cars in the premium segment.”

It’s a bold statement, because currently only U.S. startup Tesla produces premium e-cars. But now Daimler appears to have flipped the switch.

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