Bosch and SAP

Teaming up on Industrial Digitalization

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Networked systems make their jobs more efficient.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    The collaboration aims to demonstrate the opportunities offered to industry by digital networking and how they can produce profits.

  • Facts


    • Industrial company Bosch and software giant SAP are going to jointly test the latest technology and establish a model for exchanging data.
    • Their effort is part of Industry 4.0 – the networking of products, factories and warehouses, manufacturers, suppliers and customers – that German companies are banking on to increase productivity.
    • ­By one estimate, about 21 billion pieces of equipment, from machines to wind turbines and light fixtures to forklifts, will be linked to the internet by 2020.
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Why did the two forklifts crash? A real-time tracking solution at a logistics center handling Bosch-Siemens home appliances delivers a prompt answer to the shift supervisor.

An onscreen simulation reenacts where the two forklifts, equipped with sensors that measure their batteries, the weight of goods carried and their exact position, bumped into each other. The solution also records whether collisions frequently occur at that particular spot and even suggests shorter alternative routes.

Over the past several months, the engineering and electronics company Bosch and enterprise software maker SAP ­have been collaborating in establishing standards for exchanging data in industrial processes.

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