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  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    A new strategy could be make or break for Germany’s famous maker of Porcelain after the company tipped deep into the red in 2014, with scant hope for an uptick in 2015.

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    • Meissen is a 300-year-old porcelain maker based in the state of Saxony.
    • It tried to branch out into other luxury goods including couture jewelry and fashion to compensate for falling ceramics sales.
    • Meissen went deeper into the red in 2014, posting a 19 million euro loss though its sales dipped only slightly.
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Tillmann Blaschke, the new Meissen boss, has launched a revamp of the traditional porcelain manufacturer. His goal, he told Handelsblatt, is to return the ailing firm to the black.

The man at the top of Germany’s Meissen porcelain maker says he will leave no stone unturned in his bid to boost profitability of the company. Speaking to Handelsblatt in an interview, Tillmann Blaschke said he will probe to see “which products suit Meissen, which are more and less popular, and which are profitable.”

His plans raise a big question mark over Meissen’s current range and strategy. Mr. Blaschke’s predecessor Christian Kurtzke had sought to reposition the historic porcelain brand as an international luxury and lifestyle firm, creating a new fashion and furnishings line and opening boutiques in Italy and China.

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