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Scaffolding to Services

Thomas BLADES,Mitglied des Vorstandes,Gestik, Einzelbild,angeschnittenes Einzelmotiv,Portraet,Portrait,Porträt. THE LINDE GROUP Bilanzpressekonferenz am 10.03.2018 in M u e n c h e n, [ Rechtehinweis: Verwendung weltweit, usage worldwide ]
Bilfinger CEO Thomas Blades, Picture Source: DPA
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    The new CEO of Bilfinger is determined to stem an exodus of employees from the company and develop a new strategy. The company has been in crisis for several years, and has seen several CEOs come and go in that time.

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    • Tom Blades aims to continue his predecessors’ strategy of transforming the company from a construction company into an industrial services provider.
    • The company has sold off its construction and real estate division, but Mr. Blades wants to hold onto the two remaining divisions: power and industry.
    • Portions of the energy division will also be sold.
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Tom Blades is a straight talker. The new chief executive of Bilfinger introduced himself in telegram style during a press conference on the company’s semi-annual figures: “An Englishman born in Hamburg, studied in Salford, U.K., and Lyon.”

He also said that he had spent many years working at Schlumberger, then at Siemens and most recently at Linde.

Mr. Blades, who has headed Mannheim-based Bilfinger since July, left no doubt that he supports the strategy of his predecessors. “I believe the development of Bilfinger from a construction company into an industrial services provider is the right approach,” he said.

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