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S. Oliver's New CEO Seeks To Upgrade Fashion and Profits

KSP Engel & Zimmermann, soliver
S. Oliver headquarters in Rottendorf, Germany.

Everything is in place for a big party. About 1,000 employees and retailers from around the world have come to an exhibition hall in Düsseldorf, where they are sitting around a runway, waiting anxiously.

But Reiner Pichler darkens the festive mood.

“We cannot continue with the status quo,” the head of the fashion group S. Oliver tells his audience. He paints a grim picture, in which discounters are rapidly capturing market share in the fashion world, while the mid-range price segment continues to lose ground. That is precisely the segment, where S. Oliver, a clothing manufacturer based in Rottendorf near the Bavarian city of Würzburg, is located.

And that is why Mr. Pichler is announcing a new strategy on this evening.

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