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Rocket Adds Food Delivery Business

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The food delivery business is growing globally.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Rocket Internet’s latest purchase of Yemeksepeti, a Turkish food delivery service, makes it one of the world’s biggest food delivery services.

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    • Rocket Internet listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in October 2014.
    • In April 2015, Rocket’s market value was apparently €8 billion.
    • Rocket Internet’s food holding group now delivers food in 71 countries and generates up to 120 million orders annually.
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Rocket Internet, the Berlin-based tech investor focusing on emerging market ventures, announced the acquisition of Yemeksepeti for $589 million, or €531 million, on Tuesday.

Yemeksepeti is a food-delivery service based in Istanbul which processes 3 million orders per month.

The acquisition extends Rocket Internet’s food delivery network worldwide, providing platforms that bring together restaurants and takeout businesses for people to order in their food.

It spent almost €500 million in February to buy a stake in Delivery Hero, a Berlin-based food order website and Rocket has bundled similar operations in its subsidiary Global Online Takeaway Group.

All of the services parcel out food orders to participating restaurants for delivery and the platforms impose a fee for the service.

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