How to Beat Amazon

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  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    To compete with online retail giants like Amazon, smaller companies must find new ways to attract customers.

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    German retailers are becoming more savvy to the advantages and demands of online retail.

    The most successful online businesses are small specialists with high customer service values.

    Free returns take top priority for customers, according to an ECC survey seen by Handelsblatt.

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Amazon is a horror to its competitors. Over and over again, the online retailer sets new standards of customer service by reducing delivery times and prices.

A recent study by Cologne-based retail market research firm ECC showed just how strongly the U.S. giant dominates the market.

The survey, seen exclusively by Handelsblatt, shows that among the 7,800 survey participants, Amazon enjoys 100 percent brand recognition, and that more than 97 percent had already shopped there. As a result, a stunning 38 percent of e-commerce turnover in Germany is through Amazon.

But the survey also shows that a well-designed online shop can not only compete with Amazon, but even beat it at its own game in certain specialist sectors.

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