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Ijad Madisch has moved out of the lab into the digital realm.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    As sites like ResearchGate enable users to share knowledge, they can exchange insights across scientific fields and enable faster discoveries.

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    • ResearchGate is a Berlin-based start-up launched by Ijad Madisch, Sören Hofmayer and Horst Fickenscher in 2008.
    • The site has seven million users and 160 employees.
    • Other websites where scientists share papers include Googlescholar and
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On the shores of Lake Victoria, western Kenya, scientist Gabriel Dida was gathering data about the spread of malaria.

But Mr. Dida, a biologist based at the institute of tropical medicine at Nagasaki University in Japan, ran into a problem. To make sense of his data, he needed a whole lot more on mosquitoes and their breeding habits, and he didn’t have it.

His options were limited, so he decided to try a very unscientific solution: He turned to social media, and the ResearchGate website.

ResearchGate is a platform where scientists across disciplines can pose questions to be answered by peers around the world. For the social media savvy, it’s a combination of Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Users can connect with each other, publish research and ask others questions or for feedback on their work.

The questions Mr. Dida asked changed his research and his career. “Now I can’t stop using the site,” he said.

ResearchGate was started in Berlin in 2008 by Ijad Madisch, a German with a Harvard medical qualification and doctorate in virology, together with two friends, Sören Hofmayer and Horst Fickenscher.

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