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Transfer on the Bayern Munich Board

One stadium to bind them all. Source: Keystone
First the stadium, then the board. 
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Bayern Munich aims to bring more professionalism to its management and tap new international markets.

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    • The former head of Bayern Munich, Uli Hoeness resigned and was jailed on tax fraud charges.
    • Helmut Markwort, publisher of the weekly news magazine Focus and a member of the team’s supervisory board, is said to be on the way out.
    • Last season for the first time, Bayern Munich had revenues of €528 million, or about $668 million.
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Bayern Munich, Germany’s top soccer club, is in the midst of an administrative shakeup following the resignation of former president Uli Hoeness, who was jailed in June after being found guilty of tax evasion. The 62-year-old was sentenced last May to three and a-half years for tax fraud involving stock-market speculation in Switzerland. After the trial, which was closely followed by a fascinated German public, Mr. Hoeness relinquished all duties with the soccer team.

The aim of restructuring is to bring more professionalism to Bayern Munich, or FC Bayern München as the club is officially called.

A big move in that direction could be the appointment of Markus Riess, who heads up the German operations of insurance giant Allianz. Mr. Riess is expected to join the club’s supervisory board, Handelsblatt has learned from sources close to the board.

Allianz is the third largest shareholder of the championship soccer club, along with Adidas and Audi.

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