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Playing the Gamescom Game

Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel Officially Opens Gamescom Fair
In it to win it. Source: Bloomberg

This year’s Gamescom, one of the largest gaming conventions in the world, got a heavy dose of politics in the midst of campaign season.

Chancellor Angela Merkel made her inaugural visit to Gamescom on Tuesday, delivering the keynote speech a month out from the election. But she wasn’t the only lawmaker to drop by. More than 150 politicians are planning to make an appearance, which is an unprecedented number for Gamescom.

Ms. Merkel didn’t acknowledge the election or politics during her speech, yet another sign of a low-key campaign even as the election ramps up in its final weeks.

She instead touted the importance of digitization and gaming as not only a form of entertainment, but also as an educational tool and economic asset. Ms. Merkel struck a rather optimistic tone that in the next legislative session, there should be discussions about ways to help boost German video game creators and developers.

“In the next legislative term, we need to get all relevant players to the table and see how we can give German creators and developers more opportunities,” Ms. Merkel said to a packed room of media, politicians and German and international developers and publishers. “We have to discuss other possibilities they can get.”

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