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Bosch Gets Mobile

Rolf Bulander Jürgen Altman
Rolf Bulander talks changes at his company.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    If Bosch auto parts supplier can become a modern provider of mobility solutions it will strengthen its future outlook.

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    • Bosch is the world’s second-largest supplier of car parts after German rival Continental.
    • The Stuttgart-based company is working on new safety systems for self-driving cars.
    • Bosch also makes power tools, washing machines and fire detection systems; total sales were €49 billion last year.
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Rolf Bulander took over the top position at Bosch’s automotive division unexpectedly in April, when his predecessor surprisingly switched to the auto parts maker Mahle. Handelsblatt visited his office in the midst of a heat wave and Mr. Bulander quickly put on a tie. After all, there’s a photographer in the conference room and it’s his first major interview.


Mr. Bulander, this year, Bosch named its core auto supply business “Mobility Solutions.Was the old name Automotivetoo old-fashioned?

Customers expect more from us. In the future, individual mobility will not just be about cars. Our customers want to move from A to B the easiest way possible. That’s why the taxi service Uber was established. We must adapt our goals to these customer desires – and truly have a lot to offer there. We have sensors, software and now have added services. We want to make life safer and more comfortable and manage our resources. That is our strategy.

And when will Bosch have an Uber” service?

That won’t happen, but there will surely be many Bosch services customers want to have. For example, parking spots on the street especially in residential areas are very sought-after. How do I get up-to-date information on free parking spots? That works by having cars driving by measure the gaps between parked cars. That’s very easy with the parking sensors already available. This information is transmitted to a digital map, made possible by Bosch, and then made available in real time. Furthermore, we are also offering services for insurers and leasing companies. We are supplying Tesla and Google for their vehicle projects. Our customer structure is broader overall than the previous automobile industry.

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