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Hamburg, Biggest German Port, Gains Amid Middle-Class Flight to Vacation Cruises

  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    The harbor in Hambur is Germany’s largest, and one of the biggest employers in the city.

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    • Cruise travel is rising rapidly in Europe as ocean voyages become more affordable to middle-income consumers.
    • The city of Hamburg is building a new cruise line port terminal that will handle 8,000 passengers a day.
    • Hamburg is Europe’s third-largest ocean port harbor, after Rotterdam and Antwerp.
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Hamburg harbor_dpa
The harbor in Hamburg, Germany, along the Elbe River. Source: DPA


All signs point into the same direction: cruise tourism is on the rise in Europe, and especially in Germany – with thousands of visitors pouring into the country’s largest port in Hamburg.

And of course, Hamburg wants to tap into the trend and has started to build a new port terminal.

“The new terminal is important to welcome larger cruises,” said Lutz Birke, who is in charge of strategic development at Hamburg Port Authority. “We will have more space to accommodate the boarding and disembarkation of several thousand passengers,” he added.


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