Diesel's future

On the road to nowhere

Polluting? Moi? Source: Mario Wagner

Porsche was late to the party. After much wrangling among the luxury car company’s bosses, it finally did in 2009 what every other German automaker had been doing for years: It designed one of its models to run on diesel.

But today, eight years and one well-publicized emissions scandal at its parent company later, Porsche is mulling a departure from the now-controversial fuel.

In September, the third-generation Porsche Cayenne SUV will hit the market. A diesel version will be available. After that, the company has said it is entertaining “different scenarios.” Maybe the future will hold another diesel-powered Cayenne. Maybe not. “This is, of course, an issue we’re dealing with,” CEO Oliver Blume said in a recent interview.

Porsche does not face this dilemma alone. For years, a combination of historical entrenchment, convenience and generous government subsidies has left German automakers overly reliant on diesel.

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