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On Frontline of Future Audi Factories

Peter Mosch, Gesamtbetriebsratsvorsitzender AUDI AG
Works council chief Peter Mosch calls the opponents of digitization "deluded".
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    As Audi embraces digitization of production, self-propelled assembly robots or autonomously flying drones could soon replace some workers in its factories.

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    • Audi’s chief executive Rupert Stadler wants to slim down the VW luxury subsidiary and prepare it for electromobility and digitization.
    • After unparalleled success in the last decade, Audi is falling behind Mercedes and BMW.
    • At the beginning of October, Mr. Mosch called for an extension of job guarantees past 2018.
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As a trained machine fitter, it’s hardly surprising that Audi’s head of works council Peter Mosch is particularly impressed by Kuka’s new self-propelled robot, “iiwa.”

Kuka sales personnel demonstrated how the prototype would soon be able to fetch material and screw together a gearing mechanism all by itself. And it is “limitlessly networkable,” they assured Mr. Mosch, who attentively followed movements of the mechanical marvel.

The IG Metall labor union had issued the invitations, so workplace representatives could see what future technologies and types of work actually look like.

Self-propelled assembly robots or autonomously flying drones could soon be making their way into Audi factories – guided by a few remaining employees with data-eyeglasses.

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