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Ola and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Bmw motorbike. source argum Thomas Einberger für Handelsblatt
BMW motorbikes move up a gear.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Until recently, the motorcycle industry seemed content with selling to aging customers in their 50s. But BMW’s head of motorcycle design recognized the potential of a fresh new scene early on.

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    • As head of design at BMW motorcycles in Munich, Mr. Stenegard is simultaneously a trend scout, brand ambassador and advertising icon.
    • Under his watch, BMW has built a racing motorcycle for the first time, the S 1000 RR.
    • New festivals have become gathering places for young riders. In Germany, the 2016 Glemseck Festival 101 will be held near Leonberg in early September.
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Curious visitors sometimes stop at what they think is a motorcycle repair garage out in the hinterlands near Munich’s airport.

There they find assorted bikes parked among hydraulic hoists, black leather armchairs and loudspeakers blaring rock music. The bearded proprietor wears a baseball cap, earrings and horn-rimmed glasses, and his thick forearms are covered in tattoos. But ask for a service appointment and he’ll kindly explain in a Swedish accent that he doesn’t do repairs.

Instead, the workshop doubles as an office and party room for Ola Stenegard, chief designer at BMW’s motorcycle division. He prefers this location to the company’s stylish Munich headquarters.

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