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No More Borders for E.U. Mobile Phone Users

  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    The abolishment of roaming surcharges for European mobile phone users is seen as a further, and very visible, step toward more European integration.

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    • The fight over roaming charges has been going on for around 10 years now but what has been described as “the final piece of the puzzle” was agreed upon this week.
    • Roaming surcharges for data will be capped at €7.70 per gigabyte and will fall even further over the next four years.
    • Mobile phone service providers will need to work out how to pay one another efficiently and navigate increasingly complex rules, as well as mitigate potential abuse of the new system by consumers.
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From the middle of 2017, European mobile phone users won't have to worry about roaming charges when travelling in the E.U. Source: Getty

It is one of the European Commission’s prestige projects. Hardly any other measure so clearly demonstrates how Europe is growing closer together, as the abolition of roaming fees for mobile phone users.

Europeans will be able to phone or surf the Internet without paying any extra, even as they cross borders into other European nations.

For years politicians argued over the idea and it took until 2015 to come up with a plan. That plan now says that from June 15, 2017, E.U. citizens will no longer have to pay additional charges when they use their mobile phones anywhere inside the European Union.


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