'Deceived Customers'

Merkel spanks car industry for Dieselgate

Chancellor Angela Merkel listens to VW CEO Matthias Müller at the Frankfurt auto show. Source: Reuters

With an election campaign underway and many Germans furious over the unfolding scandal surrounding diesel cars, Chancellor Angela Merkel probably wished she could be somewhere else Thursday than at the opening of the Frankfurt auto show.

Although she has been close to the car industry in the past, she adopted a fairly hard line on the industry in her opening remarks at the car industry’s premier event, which is held every two years. Last time the scandal had not erupted. This time, she correctly judged the mood of the country to be angrier.

“Car companies have not only damaged themselves, but above all deceived and disappointed consumers,” she said. “The industry must do its utmost to win back credibility and trust as soon as possible, in its own interest and the interest of its employees and Germany as a whole.”

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