MAN Leaps Onto Electric Bus Trend

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Getting on the electric bus bandwagon.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Automakers are responding to growing demand for electric buses and trucks as municipal operators switch to green transport.

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    • The IAA Commercial Vehicles trade fair takes place every two years in the northern city of Hanover. It’s the world’s largest show for the sector.
    • MAN CEO Joachim Drees told Handelsblatt the show had resulted in orders for several thousand of the company’s vehicles.
    • Mr. Drees said MAN, a unit of VW, planned to deliver the first prototypes of its electric bus in 2018 and start series production before 2020.
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Commercial vehicles manufacturer MAN, a subsidiary of Volkswagen, plans to start making electric buses before 2020 in anticipation of a surge in orders because many large cities in Europe are preparing to switch over to green local transport over the next decade.

“From 2025 on, municipal transport operators will only buy fully electric vehicles,” MAN Chief Executive Joachim Drees told Handelsblatt at the IAA International Motor Show in Hanover. “We want to deliver the first prototypes of our electric bus in 2018 and start series production before 2020.” Many cities such as Hamburg, Munich and Paris were preparing to switch their urban bus fleets to alternative power sources, he said. 

Electric mobility is one of the core themes of this year’s show, with battery-powered vans, buses and trucks on display everywhere.

Mr. Drees predicted a significant rise in sales of MAN vehicles as a result of the fair. “We expect several thousand additional vehicle orders,” he said. “Our sales department works very hard at the trade show.” Orders were coming in mainly from Germany but also from abroad. MAN’s orders from the fair are expected to amount to a three-digit-million euro sum.

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