Car Dealers

Making VW pay for its sins

Cleaning up VW's image at home may prove difficult. Source: Reuters

First came the American dealers, 637 angry small businessmen accusing Volkswagen of having “blindsided” them with the revelation that its diesel cars contained software to cheat on emissions tests. They filed a class action lawsuit against the German firm and won €1.42 billion ($1.67 billion) compensation.

Now dealers in Germany, once the loyal sales partners for VW, are clamoring for similar help. And the cost to VW could be substantially higher – diesel cars make up just 3 percent of the cars sold in the US, compared with nearly 50 percent in Germany.

“Volkswagen let the dealers stand in the rain,” said Christian Genzow, a Cologne-based lawyer who is representing a number of German VW dealers who are upset at the way they have been treated in the diesel scandal.

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