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Lufthansa's Heavenly Plans

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Lufthansa wants to sell more products to customers while they wait for a plane or when they book their ticket online.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Lufthansa needs to increase revenue and profitability to keep up competition with low-cost carriers and Middle East airline companies.

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    • Lufthansa will charge €16, or €18, to those who book through a reservation system starting on September 16.
    • The carrier wants more direct online communication with its customers to be able to sell more products.
    • Brussels Airlines, a holding of Lufthansa, has increased its sales through “branded fares” by 35 percent in just one month, a study showed.
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Today, the majority of ticket sales go through reservation systems, such as Amadeus, Sabre or Travelport, through which travel agencies, online portals and companies book their tickets.

In the future, they will be sold increasingly over the Internet, allowing airlines to establish closer relationships with customers and sell them other services to generate additional revenue.

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