Porsche vs Piëch

Lifestyles of the rich and feuding

The ongoing family feud between the billionaire families behind Porsche and VW are older than this vintage sports car. Source: DDP

A fight in the family is best kept in the family. That’s why it was somewhat surprising when, at a car show in March, Wolfgang Porsche, chairman of the eponymous carmaker’s board, spoke badly of his cousin, Ferdinand Piëch, former head of Volkswagen.

“You can’t choose your family,” the 74-year-old billionaire said of his 80-year-old billionaire cousin.

This familial relationship has been troubled for some time and everyone knows it. But the negative sentiments haven’t usually been so public. It seemed like that was the open airing of family feuds ended there: After the remarks, Mr. Porsche refrained from making further comments about Mr. Piëch, who announced his resignation from the family business in April. But that all changed this weekend.

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