Hidden Champions

Life on Camera

Geutebrück has an eye on you. Source: Getty
Geutebrück has an eye on you.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    The “Hidden Champions” series looks at Germany’s many small- and mid-sized firms that are global leaders in their fields.

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    • Geutebrück is a family-run business operated from Windhagen, Germany.
    • The company was asked to make a surveillance system to count the deer in a forest.
    • Only 10 percent of its turnover, €34 million ($43 million) in total, comes from hardware sales.
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Katharina Geutebrück has quite the view from her company’s training room. If the businesswoman looks out of the window she can see cows grazing. But if she turns her head a little to the side, toward a huge wall of monitors, she has an undisturbed view of the Sydney Opera House, a gas station in Vienna and a crosswalk in Berlin.

Half of the world is visible from the wood-paneled room in the tranquil municipality of Windhagen near Bonn, thanks to the video surveillance systems that the family-run business Geutebrück has produced there since 1970.

The list of customers of the “hidden champion” from the countryside includes prominent names: the Banque de France, the Kremlin and the spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana are all secured by Geutebrück. In Germany, the firm’s cameras offer security to numerous government ministries and prison facilities. The electronic eyes from Windhagen also watch over the cultural treasures on Berlin’s famed Museum Island.

Geutebrück has an excellent reputation in the business. The German Federal Association for Security Technology praised the company as “one of the most innovative in the field,” emphasizing its international reputation. Customers also praise the quality and reliability of the systems made in Windhagen.

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