Attorney vs. Algorithm

Legal Startups Challenge Barristers

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The legal profession, rooted in tradition, is having to move with the times in the face of digitialization. Source: Getty Images

Can software replace the work of expensive lawyers? The short answer is: yes, to some extent. Several digital startups have entered the legal market, trying to get a piece of the attractive pie called litigation.

One of the pioneers in Germany’s legal startup scene is Philipp Kadelbach, who launched Flightright seven years ago to help passengers claim compensation for delayed or canceled flights. He has since filed more than 35,000 lawsuits against airlines from his office in Potsdam. “Our business wouldn’t work without technology,” said Mr. Kadelbach.

The German bar association, which is holding its annual Laywers Day on Wednesday, is keeping close track of these and other technological advancements and follows them with curiosity, as well as skepticism, said Ulrich Schellenberg, president of the association, known under its German acronym DAV.

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