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Timotheus Höttges, head of Deutsche Telekom addressing shareholders on Wednesday.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    The U.S. subsidiary’s success is a key motor behind Deutsche Telekom’s revenues and the parent company is looking to import some of its winning tactics.

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    • T-Mobile US, based in Bellevue, Washington, made up more than 40 percent of almost €70 billion of revenues at its parent company, Deutsche Telekom.
    • In the future Deutsche Telekom will schedule more technician appointments on Saturdays, so customers don’t have to stay at home during the week.
    • Expanding the broadband service was on the minds of shareholders at the annual meeting. Regarding this point, Mr. Höttges came down hard on competitors.
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At times the head of Deutsche Telekom can seem detached. In those situations, Timotheus Höttges is more of a controller and chief financial officer, a job he had for a long time. So the moments when the chief executive veers off script are particularly telling.

Such a moment cropped up while he was addressing shareholders at the company’s annual meeting on Wednesday on the topic of Deutsche Telekom’s successful subsidiary, T-Mobile US.

“In the United States,” Mr. Höttges said, “we reinvented the mobile telephone business. We could learn from that in other markets.”

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