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Law Giant Seeks German Partners

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The law firm Dentons is expanding all over the world.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    A merger with a firm that has the global reach and finanical clout of Dentons could open doors in a major way for German companies.

  • Facts


    • Dentons is set to become the world’s biggest law firm with around 6,500 lawyers.
    • It announced a merger in January with leading Chinese law company Dacheng.
    • Dentons annual turnover is $1.3 billion globally, and its turnover in Germany was €32 million in 2014.
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The legal behemoth Dentons is turning its eyes to Germany.

The interest comes hot on the heels of an announced merger with Dacheng, China’s leading law firm, which is set to make it the world’s biggest law firm. Together, the global giant will employ about 6,500 lawyers.

Joseph J. Andrew, the global chairman of Dentons, said he considered the German economy to be the most globalized among the mature national economies, and wants to win additional clients in the country. He told Handelsblatt that another merger could be conceivable.

“We would like to find a strong, independent firm in Germany,” said Mr. Andrew. They are looking for one that may not actually need to merge with another firm, but wants to do it anyway, because it sees its future in a large firm like Dentons.

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