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As slick as a 911.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    If the new executive of Porsche Design is successful in reviving the brand, the company could win market share from other luxury brands, such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci.

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    • Porsche Design sells luxury goods such as high-end watches, luggage and sports shoes, produced in house or in cooperation with other companies.
    • Carmaker Porsche AG and the Porsche family own 65 percent and 35 percent of Porsche Design respectively.
    • Christian Kurtzke has started as Porsche Design’s new chief executive after his predecessor failed to grow sales.
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The cellar of the Hamburg car museum already looks the way Christian Kurtzke envisioned. Displays of fashion are on the fringes of the room with watches taking center stage. The new head of Porsche Design, which operates independently of carmaker and co-owner Porsche, displays an array of goods including luggage, handbags and even a hookah featuring the brand’s clean, functional design.

Mr. Kurtzke wants to demonstrate a new direction – and quickly. The former chief executive of Meissen Porcelain, a luxury fine china producer based in east Germany, has been responsible for Porsche Design for just a few weeks. But he is already moving away from the path followed by his predecessor, Jürgen Gessler, who sought to make the brand a player in the fashion sector with design-oriented luxury articles.

Of course, Mr. Kurtzke is also thinking big. “This company has written history with Ferdinand Alexander Porsche and it will be writing history again in the future,” said Mr. Kurtzke. “The question is, do we want to continue going full speed or, first of all, make the brand harmonious again. Focus it.”

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