Allianz's digitalization

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One swipe and you're insured.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    Allianz is battling to move away from its traditional network of insurance shops to online sales.

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    • Allianz is the world’s largest insurance company, and Italy’s third-largest supplier.
    • More than 130,000 Italians have signed up to its online service since its launch in March 2014.
    • The company says digitalization is important, but that the need for insurance agents remains.
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It’s a hectic scene along Corso Italia, a street in the historic center of Milan. But the branch of Allianz Italia offers a serene haven from the crush of pedestrians and noisy streetcars outside.

At the entrance stands a gleaming white stand with a huge touchscreen tablet built into it. With the swipe of a finger, customers can take out or adjust an insurance package: A homeowner’s policy here, a little less disability insurance there, and that’ll be €18 ($19.60) a month.

Welcome to the branch office of the future.

The modular package offered in Italy by the world’s largest insurance firm is called Allianz1, and it is marketed with the slogan “Subscribe to Serenity.” Up to 13 kinds of insurance can be fitted into a single contract, requiring only four signatures where before it would require up to 80.

Since its introduction online in March 2014, more than 130,000 Italians have signed up to one of the monthly umbrella insurance policies, even though Italians are notorious for being underinsured. “Even we were surprised at the success,” said Klaus-Peter Röhler, the head of Allianz Italy, the country’s third biggest insurer.

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