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Following Google, Apple, Infineon plugs into smart speaker boom

High-tech Sensor And Semiconductor Manufacture At Infineon Technologies AG Factory And Clean Rooms
Sensors and sensibility. Source: Bloomberg

Digital assistants are hot, but they only understand half of what they are told, for example if they can’t place an accent, or several people are talking at once. If the TV is running in the background, forget it.

Infineon is trying to help. Germany’s biggest chipmaker plans to ride the boom in intelligent speakers like Amazon Echo or Google Home which are expected to see sales growth of 30 to 50 percent per year.

Infineon already supplies the US internet giants with core components for the modern voice-activated assistants. It will present a new system at next week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that will make the speakers better at discerning when they’re being spoken to.

Current voice assistants only get 50 percent of all that they hear, Andreas Urschitz, head of Infineon’s Power Management & Multimarket division, told Handelsblatt. It’s especially difficult for them when there are several people in the room, but he said with Infineon’s new system, it will no longer be necessary for people to utter key words like “Alexa” to wake up Amazon’s smart speaker.

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