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Industrial Chief Dulger: CEOs Optimistic, Wary of Brexit, Trump

  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    If Brexit and U.S. protectionism curb German exports, it is likely to have a significant effect on the development of Eur0pe’s largest economy.

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    • Rainer Dulger, the president of Gesamtmetall, said the 6,800 companies represented by his employers’ association are mildly optimistic about the development of the overall economy, although productivity has stagnated.
    • The biggest risks to Germany’s export economy are not the euro-dollar exchange rate or low-cost competition from Asia, but the political uncertainties posed by Brexit and Donald Trump, he said.
    • Mr. Dulger said the companies represented by his association — automakers, and the machinery and electro industries — are cautiously optimistic about 2017, despite the geopolitical uncertainties.
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Rainer Dulger – Arbeitgeberpräsident
Rainer Dulger, the president of Gesamtmetall, Germany's largest industrial employer group, said the mood among his members is cautious optimism, tinged with worry over the political uncertainty posed by Brexit and U.S. protectionism. Source: DPA / Uwe Anspach

Rainer Dulger, the president of Germany’s largest industrial employers group, Gesamtmetall, should have reason to celebrate. Europe’s largest economy continues to grow at a steady clip, and demand for German cars and machinery are unbroken, even after Volkswagen’s Dieselgate fiasco. While the growth outlook for Gesamtmetall’s 6,800 companies, which employ 2.2 million people, is cautiously optimistic, there are risks on the horizon, most of them political: Brexit and the protectionism of Donald Trump. In an interview with Handelsblatt Global Editor-in-Chief Kevin O’Brien, Mr. Dulger describes the mood among the automakers, machinery makers and electro industrial companies that make up the heart of the German export economy.

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