BMW Batteries

Trailing Tesla

Germany's carmakers are stepping up their game on building the infrastructure for electric cars.
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    German carmakers’ new battery products could help them to compete with Tesla Motors in the growing market of home electricity storage.

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    • Tesla Motors announced last April to sell batteries which can power an entire household.
    • BMW plans to sell similar batteries later this year, a BMW manager told German business magazine WirtschaftsWoche.
    • VW units Audi and Porsche plan to produce rapid electric power stations, VW CEO Matthias Müller told the magazine.
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Tesla Motors, the electric car maker from Silicon Valley, grabbed headlines last April when its chief executive Elon Musk announced plans to build batteries able to power an entire household.

Nine months later, BMW, the world’s biggest maker of luxury cars, is following in Tesla’s footsteps, German business magazine WirtschaftsWoche and Handelsblatt have learned.

“We want to build up new business in the power storage market,” a senior manager from BMW told WirtschaftsWoche, a sister publication of Handelsblatt.

BMW is planning to sell new and used batteries, which are also found in BMW’s e-car model i3, later this year to wholesale customers, said the manager, who declined to be named.

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