In Search of New Energy at Volkswagen

Could VW's e-up get its own battery plant?
  • Why it matters

    Why it matters

    VW’s push into producing electric cars could weigh on earnings in the short to medium term, but be a boost in the long run to compete against Toyota, Tesla Motors and others.

  • Facts


    • CEO Matthias Müller plans to present “Strategy 2025” to the public in mid-June.
    • In the future, the VW Group would produce electric cars while the high-end subsidiary Audi would be charged with developing fuel cells.
    • The huge Tesla Gigafactory 1 in Nevada is planned to supply lithium-ion batteries for a half-million e-cars annually.
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As Volkswagen tries to emerge from its Dieselgate scandal, CEO Matthias Müller has big plans for rebuilding the automaker’s business and reputation.

Mr. Müller recently called for a new way of thinking, bold action and more team spirit. “Volkswagen needs all of that to also be successful in the future,” he told his executive team.

Where VW goes after the disastrous emissions affair, revealed last September and affecting 11 million diesel cars globally, is being intensely discussed within the Wolfsburg-based company. Plans are slated to be presented to the supervisory board next month. In mid-June Mr. Müller then plans to go public with the main features of “Strategy 2025.”

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